Data Processing

Here at K3 we provide data processing services;

These include,


Mail Sorting; is a discount service provided by Royal Mail and other Postal Carriers, we perform sortation and handling of all items, this is also known as "work sharing". This helps us to give our customers big discounts.


There is certain criteria to take into account in order to qualify for this service, for example it can depend on the; size, weight, delivery time (1st class, 2nd class or economy class), it can even come down to the contents of the mail e.g.  News letters are classed as business mail whereas flyers are classed as advertising mail, this can be a factor that is taken into account when qualifying for the mail sorting service.


Minimum quantities apply when sending bulk mail, examples of this are;


DL/C5 (Royal Mail class "letter" ): Minimum of 4,000 items

C4 (Royal Mail class "large letter"); minimum of 1,000 items


If you're sending this many items or more, we may be able to offer you savings of up to 40% on standard Royal Mail costs.


Here at K3 we are able to advise you the best way of keeping you’re mailing costs down.

Laser & Inkjet printing; here at K3 we have a wide variety of printing options available for your direct mail. Costs, application and quality vary across our machines; this allows us to use the right machine for the job, saving you money where we can. With these machines we can provide high volume, high quality printing of letterheads through personalised envelopes with a custom design.



Highest quality printing, ideal for corporate letterheads on a variety of high quality stock, compliment slips, newsletters and label production: customising parcels or unusual items.



Cost-effective, high turnaround printing, ideal for personalisation directly on to windowed envelopes or postcards, logo and/or Indicia (Post mark) printing and barcode printing.

Data Services for direct mailing; Quality customer information is vital to the success of your direct mailing, K3 provides a range of data processing services to make your data add increased value to your business.


We can ensure that all of your data is clean and correct and that duplicates are removed, to further reduce the costs of mailing. We can also validate postcodes. Once your data is prepared we will process the required stock of your choosing or as supplied.


Data Management; In any mailing list, there is always obsolete data, over the years we have removed thousands of defunct records from client databases. These records include people who have moved address without notifying your business, people who have passed away or have opted out of the service. This helps to reduce mailing costs.

Mailmark™, is an innovative new technology, that has been called "The Future of Mail", it's benefits are lower mailing rates, higher standards of tracking, reporting and mail analysis.


K3 is a Mailmark™ approved mailing house, authorized by Royal Mail. If your business requires the mailing of bulk mail, please contact us today to see how Mailmark™ can revolutionize your business mail.


How it works;


1. As a part of our mail fulfilment process, a simple barcode will be added to your letters and large letters.


2. Royal Mail sorting machines read the barcode and generate highly detailed mail data that is available to you at all times and throughout the mailing process.


3. Royal Mail provides free analytics reporting on volume, predicted delivery and performance allowing you to make changes and fix errors that will save your business thousands.


What it achieves;


By using Mailmark™, this grants you the information of; delivery time and date, the volume of your mail you are distributing and also its performance. You can view this online data either from us or via Royal Mail's website.

Data Protection, We are ISO27001 and ICO Accredited GDPR Compliant


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